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Taekwondo is a Martial Art & Sport requiring participants to make full physical contact by kicking, punching & striking to legal scoring zones as deemed appropriate within the context of the World Taekwondo Federation Rules.

The Martial Arts and Self Defence systems offered by Western Sydney Taekwondo and its affiliates require students to use full contact Kicks, Punches, Strikes, heavy takedown moves such as throw's and ground-based grappling techniques, chokes, and joint locks in order to control and if required disable assailants. It is advisable to seek your doctor's approval prior to commencing these activities.

All Western Sydney Taekwondo members taking part in contact activities be aware, Instructors take all appropriate care during instruction but take no responsibility for the actions of individual participant.


All students are required to complete a Western Sydney Taekwondo membership application, students/members that fail to comply with compulsory rules, membership, and Insurance requirements will be refused entry to competition areas.


Western Sydney Taekwondo members MUST complete a membership and insurance application/renewal with Australian Taekwondo Limited by December 1 yearly.

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